T’flex is a simple and effective system with
concentrated function through the
interaction of its elements:
         all in all it can be a tea-warmer,
     a plate-warmer, a candle holder and
         a holder for bowls of incense.
Why should you buy a special product for
each application ? And where would you
store all of them ?
Just one set of T’flex can be rearranged
into variations of all these four applications
because of the screwed in magnets on each
side of the wooden pillars and in the
wooden discs that hold the plate.
T’flex’ outstanding flexibility of arrangement
recommends it as a versatile accessory at
every table. Through its noble, timeless and
multifunctional design of high quality and its
solid material T’flex remains up-to-date
and always useful for years ahead.

The elements of the set:
6 wooden pillars and 4 wooden discs with
altogether 20 screwed in magnets,
1 coated steel plate, 1 glass cylinder

Tea-warmer and plate-warmer

The pillars can be adjusted flexibely to almost every size of teapot ...

Candle holder

To relax you can turn T´flex immediately into attractive candle holders...

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1 Set -1 System -1000 Ideas

Holder for bowls of incense

Nice smelling scents provide for a relaxing and most agreeable atmosphere...