Tea-warmer and plate-warmer

You can place teapots of almost any form
and size on T’flex – they will stay there
securely if the pillars are arranged
appropriately. Even three pillars grouped
together on the plate are sufficient.

T’flex is also suitable for pots with legs
since the legs can hang between the pillars
and therefore the night-light is still close
To keep food warm in bigger ovenproof
dishes place them on the tips of the pillars,
as can be seen on the photos.

Take your time and enjoy some hot tea.

….time for essentials …

Tea-warmer and plate-warmer

The pillars can be adjusted flexibely to almost every size of teapot ...

Candle holder

To relax you can turn T´flex immediately into attractive candle holders...

1 Set -1 System -1000 Ideas

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Holder for bowls of incense

Nice smelling scents provide for a relaxing and most agreeable atmosphere...